Go Plastic-Free at Reverse IndusTree
Go Plastic-Free at Reverse IndusTree

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Mangroves from above
Mangroves from above

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Cracked Rock
Cracked Rock

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Go Plastic-Free at Reverse IndusTree
Go Plastic-Free at Reverse IndusTree

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The Exponential Climate Action Summit


A portion of the money spent using this free wooden debit card will help to plant trees!

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Here are 5 simple actions we can all take right now to make a huge difference!






We have partnered with Ecologi

to plant trees and offset our CO2 emissions!

Click here to view our impact:

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See below the most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming:

About Us

Reverse IndusTree aims to reverse the negative environmental impacts caused by the industrial revolution.

We also believe that trees have a very important role to play in reversing climate change.

Half of the world’s forests have been destroyed.

We are pulling up huge amounts of CO2 from deep underground and adding it to the atmosphere.

Trees sequester carbon from the atmosphere which is why we need to protect existing forests as well as plant new ones.

We offer a wide range of plastic-free products that reduce our reliance on conventional fossil fuel based plastics.

Every order placed in the plastic free store will plant one tree.

A tree will also be planted for every new email subscriber, website member and product TreeView.

Join the Plastic Reversolution with us today!


Product Quality 

Before a product enters our store it is always quality tested by us first to ensure that we are 100% happy with it's performance and we are confident that you will be too. 

We are always looking at expanding our product range, providing only the best quality plastic-free products that we can find on the market.

We always prefer putting Australian products in our store, for a number of reasons including: reducing a products carbon emissions from transport, supporting the local economy and Australian manufacturing, etc.

If there is a product that you are looking for which we don't currently stock send us a message or an email!


Mission Statement

Our mission is to educate everyone on sustainable practices and sustainable products through our Eco-Blog and social media platforms, so that we can all make informed decisions as to how a particular practice is sustainable and whether the products we would like to purchase are actually good for the environment like they say they are.

We also offer our own carefully selected collection of plastic-free products and we have decided to exclusively deal with Australian suppliers and wholesalers to reduce any unnecessary carbon emissions produced by long distance international shipping, by making this decision we also hope that we can have an impact on increasing Australia's ability to produce/manufacture more sustainable/eco-friendly products.

Our mission is also to reinvest profits into future projects to further reduce our carbon footprint.

We aim to seek and obtain products used in every day life that are manufactured with alternative materials to conventional fossil fuel derrived plastics but also in a way that is much less harmful to our planet.


Why is our website black? 🤔

You might be wondering why our website is black... Have you ever used www.blackle.com? Its basically google but with a black theme aimed to reduce how many watt hours everyones devices use while searching the web. Our website uses the same idea! :) So while reading this you managed to save a little energy compared to if you were looking at a white background.

The Order of The Four R's

Reduce Reuse Repurpose Recycle

We are all about finding alternative solutions to a better, more sustainable future. By purchasing/using sustainable products you are 'Reducing' the demand for single use plastics by 'Reusing' the same product over and over. Once the product has reached the end of its life it can be 'Repurposed' and given a second life, finally it can then be 'Recycled'. This is how you can do your part in caring for our planet.

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The Sustainable Development 

Venn Diagram