International Youth Day

12th August 2020


I came across this image on LinkedIn, "The students running #TeachtheFuture shared this in response to the general lack of interest from ministers to their asks for better climate education." 

While the politicians don’t seem to care or listen. I believe the worlds many organisations, not for profits, businesses and companies who genuinely want to do the right thing for our planet, they will be the ones to give a helping hand and they will be the ones to create a platform for the youth climate activists to thrive! 

We obviously can’t look to our governments for support, so let's look to the people who are actually offering their support.

Don’t ask the shark to save you from drowning... it’s much more likely the dolphins will bring you to safety.

International Youth day is about empowering youth! If the world governments aren't offering the resources to educate and engage youth on the global climate crisis then must make it happen ourselves! 

"We demand reform to the education system."

"Our learning needs to reflect the severity of the climate crisis."

Why do we need climate education?

"The current and future generations of students are going to grow up in a world greatly affected by climate change. We deserve to be taught about this so that we can understand the impacts we will face.

We must be equipped with the skills to live sustainably so that we can limit the progression of climate breakdown as much as possible."

 4%  of students  feel that they know a lot about climate change.

68% of students  want to learn more about  the environment.

75% of teachers feel they haven’t received adequate training to educate students about climate change.


2020 Theme: Youth Engagement for Global Action

See the official event:


This image was taken by myself of a mural I found of the famous Greta Thunberg at Eltham train station, Vic, Australia


Joel Courtidis