Keep Australia Beautiful Week!

17-23 August 2020

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Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held late August each year to raise awareness about the simple things we can all do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage action.

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2020 will focus on the three main ways we can reduce and recycle some of the goods we’re using more of these days:

  1. How to protect you and your loved ones without the cost to our planet

  2. How to keep good hygiene practices that don’t cost the Earth

  3. How to reduce and recycle the single-use consumables from takeaway food and drinks

How to get involved

This year Keep Australia Beautiful week is all about keeping our vast landscapes, cities and waterways free from plastic and other pollution. Our biodiverse wildlife depends on it!

The best thing we can do to reduce plastic pollution in our beautiful country is to rule out single use plastics all together! Check out our growing range of alternative products in our Plastic-Free Store

You can also take action on companies who practice bad climate practices the new social network platform

'We Don't Have Time' makes this super easy! 

Also... next time you are out doing your exercise, how about bringing a bag with you to fill up with rubbish that you find polluting our environment. Did you know you can actually get paid... for cleaning up rubbish?! It's easy, i'll show you how: EverGreenCoin is an easy to use cryptocurrency, a community, volunteer, and donation driven project used to encourage environmental action!

Enter your first 'Proof of Environment!' (PoE) today!

Proof of Environment simply involves you taking a photo of whatever it is that you might be doing to improve the environment and uploading it to EverGreenCoin with a title, location and description of your activity.

Each month your PoE's will be rated by the community and your score will determine how much of the PoE reward pool you will recieve!

Each month EverGreenCoin will offer 1000 EGC to the reward pool along with any donations made.

To understand more how PoE works please click here.

Of course your PoE doesn't have to be limited to picking up rubbish, see my last PoE below:

Title: Gardening with Biochar

Location: Melbourne, Australia

Other Information: Did you know that 1 handful of healthy soil contains around 8billion microbes! Thats more than there are people on earth! Biochar is like a home to these tiny microbes being an extremely porous material. When Biochar is mixed with a healthy compost or seaweed solution it has the ability to recover degraded soil! You can also sprinkle biochar directly onto the ground to increase the health of already healthy soil helping the microbes thrive and multiply! If you would like to learn more about soil degradation and what we can do to fix it I recommend watching this inspirational film! If you're sold on biochar already then search the internet where you can purchase some in your local area/country. Say NO to pesticides and fertilisers! Say YES to healthy soil!

By: Joel Courtidis

In the current situation we find ourselves in today, what better place to start than in your own garden!

See some more examples here by the wider community.

Got a question about EverGreenCoin... send us a message or an email.