Keep Australia Beautiful Week!

16-22 August 2021

Cannons Creek Mangroves.jpg

Australia’s 7-Day Plastic Pledge

Our beautiful country needs help to protect its biodiversity. Plastic that ends up in nature can take up to 500 years to decompose and can harm animals that ingest it.

This year, we’re putting single-use plastic in the spotlight as we pledge to refuse it to prevent it from becoming litter.

Let's Keep Australia Beautiful

Happy Keep Australia Beautiful Week! 💚

Above is a beautiful aerial photo I took last year of some mangroves in Cannons Creek, Victoria. Did you know that mangroves can sequester up to 4x more carbon than the same area of forest, they also act as the filters between the land and the ocean while also creating a habitat for a huge biodiversity of different creatures!

Thats why we must protect them and keep the environment clean and free from plastics and other pollutants.

With your support, we can plant lots of mangroves trees with Ecologi where they are needed most, currently they are being planted in Madagascar, here you can check out our virtual forest!

Plastic-Free Daintree.jpg

Eco-Music Highlight (Plastic!)