Plant A Flower Day

12th March 2021

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Today is Plant a Flower day.

Why not get out in your garden and plant some flowers for the bees!

If you don't have space, you can always plant them in pots.

Flowers play a huge number of essential roles for the survival of life on earth such as feeding us, healing us, flowers offer many beautiful perfumes and colours to increase our moods. Of course flowers also play an extremely important role in supporting entire ecosystems.

Here are some fun flower facts:


If you're wondering what to plant in the Australian Autumn, it's a good time to add colour to your cool weather garden with bright flowers like pansies, dasies, lavender, gardenias, sweet peas, etc.

Planting flowers with fruit & veg!

Attracting Pollinators

Native bees

It is most important that we plant flowers for our native bees and pollinators as they are under threat due to our exploitation of the European honeybee to provide for, our unsustainably high consumption of honeybee products.

While European honeybees are extremely efficient at gathering pollen and bringing it back to the hive to make honey, they are actually not very good pollinators compared to native bees/pollinators, who play a crucial roll in in pollination. Our exploitation of honeybees has created a lot of competition for the diversity of native bees/pollinators.

We need to look after our native pollinators and they will continue to look after us by pollinating our fruit and vegetables.

Companion Planting Flowers