Plant a Tree Day

July 30th & August 1st 2021


'Schools plant a tree day' is coming up first on the 30th of July followed by 'Plant a Tree Day' on the 1st of August.

Here is some educational content for the kids: and here is where you can get involved this year with some virtual events:

While 'Plant a Tree Day' this year might still be a little bit difficult due to various covid restrictions, we've found an alternative option if you are unable to get out there and plant a tree yourself.

We have partnered with Ecologi and  are currently planting 5 trees a month in Australia where they are needed most and you can too! Ecologi focus on reforestation around the world where tree's are needed most. Not only do they plant trees for you but they also invest in a variety of projects to reduce CO2 emissions. 


The fantastic thing about Ecologi is that they offer you a very nice virtual representation of your impact including your very own virtual forest! Just to top it all off, if you sign up using our link, Ecologi will plant 30 sparkly trees in your virtual forest and 30 sparkly trees in ours!

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