5 Ways Aussies Can Help To Reverse Global Warming!

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

1. Change your Lifestyle!

Let's Keep This Short & Sweet.

Below are some great actions we can take to help to Reverse Global Warming and become carbon neutral or even carbon negative! Before you keep scrolling... the First Step to reducing our carbon footprint is Lifestyle Choices! Listed are some examples below:

Diet - Eat less meat to reduce methane emissions!

Composting - Divert your organic scraps from landfill, get a worm farm/home compost! Alternatively use your council green waste bin so that it can be composted at a facility.

Shopping - Shop Locally. Try to buy more organic produce, buy less packaging & BYO bags!

Transportation - Reduce your CO2 emissions by using public transport or purchasing an Electric or Hydrogen vehicle. Also carpooling reduces emissions!

Holidays - Discover your home country! Instead of planning your next trip overseas... choose a destination you are able to drive to or at least travel by sea.

Plastic Reduction - Our goal at Reverse IndusTree is to provide a plastic-free solution to almost every plastic item you currently use on a day to day basis. We've got you covered for this one!

Also Remember the 4 R's Reduce Reuse Repurpose Recycle.

Electricity Consumption - Try tracking your electricity consumption and set goals to reduce not only your emissions but also your bill! Home solar and wind are also great options if you can afford it. Maybe you can save up for solar panels with the money you save in the process!

Planting - Try filling your garden with native plants, flowers, fruit & vegetables. If you only have a balcony... no worries! Get a vertical garden. If you don't have a balcony get lots of houseplants! :)