7 Earth Friendly Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Mothers day is coming up! Have you got her a gift yet?

If not that's okay because we've made it easy for you!

Here is a list of 7 'earth friendly' gift ideas for your Mum this Mothers day:

1. Treat your Mum this year to some earrings and bracelets featuring 18k yellow gold plated sterling silver and sterling silver. Australian made from 100% recycled materials!

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2. Your Mum would love one of these earth friendly hand bags! Made from an innovative and luxurious fabric called Pinatex which is made from pineapple waste and lined with ecoprene using recycled plastic water bottles. Ahimsa Collective is a luxury accessories label, with a focus on social and environmental responsibility. Providing a eco-friendly alternative to luxury leather accessories - the label endeavours to prove that luxury products and sustainability can co-exist. Check it out: Click Here

3. Does your Mum enjoy gardening?

Why not check out this selection of gardening gift ideas!

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4. How about some plastic free clothes pegs:

5. Or you could check out Biomes selection of low waste body care products:

6. Would your Mum love some new activewear? How about some eco-friendly/super comfortable bamboo activewear! Check it out:

7. Is your Mum kitchen proud? Why not get her a set of beeswax wraps, these Australian made beeswax wraps not only look good but they serve an important purpose... Replacing cling wrap! As they can be used over and over again they are a much better alternative.

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