Australian Marino WoolūüĆŹ‚úÖ

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Merino wool is the responsible alternative to synthetic textiles as it is natural and organic. 

Australian merino farmers are committed to raising their sheep in a natural way utilising fresh air, grass, clean water and the Australian sunshine. After all, Healthy and happy sheep means premium quality wool. The merino sheep grows an entirely new fleece every year which is then safely shorn off for the new fleece to grow in making wool sustainable.

Not only is Australian Merino sustainably sourced and natural, it’s also biodegradable. Merino sheep if unshorn shed their fleece naturally, the fleece then breaks down in the soil within a number of years providing nutrients back to the soil. So after a long life of keeping you warm, you can feel assured that your Merino wool jumper won’t harm the planet. Your Merino garments will last you years to come but will break down into soil once you are done, reducing your footprint on the planet.

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