Beef kills the Reef!

Australia's excessive beef production is a huge problem, leading to things such as:

deforestation, biodiversity loss, mono-cropping, destruction of the Great Barrier Reef, etc.

Most of the beef produced in Australia is exported to Asia, around 100 million tons annually!

Although maybe we won't quite reach those numbers this year, it will be somewhere close.

Beef is one of the most unsustainably farmed proteins in the world and exporting it in such large quantities overseas every year just adds to how unsustainable it is, from the CO2 emissions produced by transportation and refrigeration. Are the profits really worth the expense of our forests and reef and all of the wild creatures that inhabit them?

"Beef production is responsible for more than 94 percent of destroyed Great Barrier Reef catchments, according to a report by The Wilderness Society.

The new spatial data analysis finds beef production responsible for 73 percent of all land clearing in Queensland. In Great Barrier Reef catchments, this figure is 94 percent over a five-year period."

“Deforestation is a leading driver of biodiversity loss, a significant source of greenhouse gas emissions, and contributed to poor water quality running into the Great Barrier Reef,” the report says. Intensified animal agriculture is responsible for “driving additional chemical run-off into Reef waters on top of the existing chemical loads.”

Additionally, the report noted that attributing 73 percent of land clearing to beef production is likely a “significant underestimate.”

Now I would like to acknowledge the efforts that the Cattle Council of Australia is putting in towards making the cattle industry more sustainable:

"The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

Cattle Council supports the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework as a way to guide sustainable beef production and demonstrate the beef industry's sustainability credentials to consumers and stakeholders.

Launched in April 2017, the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (the Framework) was developed by the Australian beef industry to meet the changing expectations of customers, investors and other stakeholders. The Framework defines sustainable beef production and tracks performance over a series of indicators annually. The indicators will continue to be refined through a process of consultation with both stakeholders and technical experts.


Cattle Council supports the goal of the Australian red meat industry becoming carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30).