Earn Crypto while caring for the environment!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

Where currency meets environment


If you already care for the environment out of your own goodwill then this post is for you!

If you would like more incentive to care for our environment this post is also for you!

Imagine if you could earn money from picking up rubbish or planting flowers.

Well guess what... now you can!

I would like to introduce you to EverGreenCoin or (EGC).

EverGreenCoin Foundation is a registered not for profit in the United States.

EvergreenCoin Foundation offers Proof of Environment where anyone is able to upload images with a description of what they are doing to care for the environment. This can be absolutely anything from picking up rubbish to planting native trees or even installing solar panels on your roof! Your POE is then scored by the community where anyone can vote for your activity by offering a score between 1 and 10.

Reward Structure

Every month 1,000 EGC are reserved as a reward pool for all accepted Proof of Environment entries to be paid from. EGC donations, via dynamic staking for charity and elsewhere, will also be collected to increase the reward pool during the month.

At the end of every month the reward pool is distributed to all accepted shares for that month. The reward pool is divided into three parts (aka “reward layers”), 10% / 10% / 80% and then tallied for every accepted work share as follows:

  • Layer 1: The first 10% of the reward pool is evenly divided between all accepted work shares.

  • Layer 2: The second 10% of the reward pool is evenly divided between all accepted work shares that display the EverGreenCoin name or logo in some fashion, even hand-written. Superimposed images do not qualify.

  • Layer 3: The remaining 80% of the reward pool is divided proportionately to the amount of effort, time, and quality of the submitted work share and is publicly scored.

Don’t Want Rewarded Directly?

Some people may not feel a reward is in order for doing something they feel is their love or duty. Community members who wish to not receive EGC of their own are invited to use an address of a current authorized effort. This way your reward will directly support one of our many worthy causes.

What is EverGreenCoin?

EverGreenCoin is much more than a new currency, a new ‘cryptocurrency’ as it’s called. Cryptocurrency is a sort of digital money that can be used as a store of value or in exchange for goods and services. The EverGreenCoin currency itself is only the mechanism leveraged to nourish our more important focus, taking responsible care of our environment and the world we live in by helping to raise funds for environmental green projects.

EverGreenCoin is a descendant of Bitcoin and EverGreenCoin inherited some great traits from its ancestors. Traits like being able to transfer anywhere in the world with near zero fees, regardless of borders. Zero risk to personal information loss or theft because personal information is never required. Zero manipulation by governments and banks because EverGreenCoin is not printed, or ‘mined’ as the case may be, out of thin air or at anyone’s will. Rather the supply is predetermined, numbers never change without consensus of the network, and only the free market dictates its price. But we, the environmentally awake, will determine its true value.

How do I join?

It is free to download an EverGreenCoin wallet and participate. You do not need to surrender any personal information. You do not need a credit check. There are no age or border restrictions. You do not need to make an account on this website, but it is encouraged as it will allow you to communicate with like-minded people. Click here for help deciding which solution is best for your needs.

EverGreenCoin Branches

EverGreenCoin is organized into ‘branches’. Each branch focuses on its area of expertise while coordinating with the other branches and sharing resources to work towards EverGreenCoin’s goals.

At the centre of these branches is the EverGreenCoin Foundation, much like the trunk of a tree, it supplies the branches with resources and coordinates growth. New branches may emerge whenever there is sufficient community involvement to organize a new area of focus. When a new branch is formed, it has all the resources of the existing branches and the Foundation to help it grow and thus becoming a resource for the pre-existing branches.

Putting economics to work for our ecosystem

By possessing EverGreenCoin you become the backing of EverGreenCoin. Your support in doing so helps all of our initiatives. By mining (aka 'Staking') you help even more and are rewarded for your computational work. Participants and donors are free to trade or sell EGC on the secondary markets. EverGreenCoin Foundation, Inc. does not receive any profits or financial benefits from these or any sale or trade of EGC on the secondary markets.

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