Going Green Solutions Celebrates Plastic Free July!

Plastic Free July is upon us, so it is time to get your enthusiasm ramped up to take this awesome challenge - you’ll be surprised at how challenging and enlightening it actually is! It’s a bit like suddenly having to stop doing social things when there’s a global Pandemic - until you try it, you can never imagine how hard it is! You will truly not believe how many places plastic actually is. Each day of the Plastic Free July challenge, we expect you will find yourself thinking - “hmm….didn’t think of that one!” To help you get set up, here are some ideas for places to start in removing single use plastic from your life!

Reusable fruit and vegetable bags instead of plastic bags… yes please! We have been using the great, extremely long lasting bags for years. Also available in an 8 pack for larger families.

The 4 my Earth reusable bread bag is just the ticket for helping to avoid single use plastic. Take it to your favourite bakery and get them to put the full or sliced loaf straight in for you to take home.

Plastic free reusable menstrual pads are great for you and the environment. Safe, healthy and available in pretty patterns.

A classic looking, sturdy plastic free reusable shaver? Yes that’s correct. Be the cleanest face and shaver on the block.

Washable plastic free baby wipes (alternatively can also be used for makeup removal - not at the same time!)

This is the month where all of us - newbies to hard core greenies - get to practice avoiding single use plastic for a whole month. It is not a challenge for the faint hearted! However, it is also really important to remember that it is also not about feeling ‘guilty’ for the inevitable single use plastic that fills many of our modern lifestyles. Honestly, our society and our economy is built around it. Instead, let's use this challenge to recognise the depth of the issue and to become creative with ways to move in a different direction.There are already so many fantastic products out there that move you away from single use plastic - and every single person who joins Plastic Free July is literally supporting the invention of and the market for even more great new single-use-plastic-free ideas. So get on board - join up here: If you have not already, here are some wonderful ways to stay plastic free while out and about shopping, visiting friends, or catching up at the park.

Plastic free makeup wipes - use them with Mycella Water, then simply wash and reuse.

Dental Lace - yep, floss is usually plastic! But not this one in glass. Refill available so you reuse the glass container.

Earths Purities Ladies Natural Deodorant Paste, no plastic tube or bottle waste for this great deodorant paste, just a recyclable cardboard box.

Plastic free bandaids in a recyclable cardboard container for life's little accidents.

Tackle the war on waste and give up single use plastic bags easily with these Cotton Mesh Produce Bags. Lightweight and durable these are designed for loose produce however they can be used in many different ways such as storing toiletries and snacks.

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