Hello Fresh Plastic-Free Solution!

Dear Hello Fresh

I appreciate your convenient service and delicious recipes.


Being 'Plastic Free July'

I would like to address your plastic problem.

See attached an image displaying how much plastic you deliver as a bi-product with your convenient meal boxes.

As I am sure you know, plastic poses a huge threat to our natural environment, collecting in landfills, and affecting our diverse oceans and marine life. Convenience is what started this plastic pollution crisis so I challenge you to prove to us that convenience CAN be plastic free!

There are many alternative solutions out there for example: compostable plant based bioplastics or PLA:

These alternative 'plastic-free' plastic solutions have been around for quite some time and what better way to promote the idea to society in your convenient ingredient boxes!

Yes these compostable bioplastics are a little more expensive than traditional toxic plastics but what cost do you place on our environment and wildlife? It's priceless. When animals become extinct due to our careless 'profit over environment' practices you can't buy them back with money. I do appreciate what Hello Fresh are currently doing to lower their impact on the environment eg. sourcing local ingredients to the area, direct from the farmer to the consumer, reducing organic waste by only providing as much ingredients as needed and their "innovative packaging" using paper bags to hold the, oh wait... plastic packaged ingredients and occasionally trying different cold packs/bags, im sorry but it's just not enough.

If 'Hello Fresh' really wants to impress its customers with its sustainable practices then why not go all in! We are in a time where society is finally waking up to the impacts our actions or lack thereof have on our planet.

Now would be the perfect time to reconsider the way your ingredients are packaged.

I think I speak for not only myself, but many others when I say I would absolutely love to see Hello Fresh replace all of its plastic packaging with compostable, plastic-free alternatives.

Together now, let us free the world of plastic!

Thanks for reading this blog! If you agree please take the time to 'agree' with my climate warning to Hello Fresh @WeDontHaveTime to help this idea escalate further and have them implement the solution. :)

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