Making the most of the covid snap lockdown!

This weekend, the local markets were closed due to another covid snap lockdown so I was unable to have a stall at St Andrew Market offering my range of plastic-free products as usual. Instead of allowing allowing the situation to get me down I decided to walk to the local health food store instead of driving to get some plastic-free groceries and see how much rubbish I could collect along the way.

I really made the most out of the experience, by deciding to walk I did not burn any fossil fuels, I got some exercise, cleaned up a bunch of rubbish from the roadside on the way and got my groceries without all of the plastic! It was a win/win/win/win scenario!

I hope this gives you some inspiration in these difficult times. 💚

Sometimes doing selfless acts like this can really lift your mood.

Make sure to wear gloves when handling other peoples rubbish, if you do not have a reusable pair you can get some disposable compostable gloves from my store where I also offer some compostable waste bags. You can learn more about compostable bioplastics in this blog Bioplastics are Natural & Compostable!

Thanks for reading!

Stay safe.