Proof of Environment: Trash Walk

"We can talk the trash talk but can we walk the trash walk?"


Joel Courtidis

I live in Hurstbridge which is a small town about an hour's ride on the train out of Melbourne. My home is about a 25-minute walk or a 4-minute drive from the town centre. Yesterday I made a trip to the local post office to deliver some products from Reverse IndusTree's Plastic-Free Store.

This time it was fine weather so I decided that I should not be lazy and brave the walk which ended up being more like a 45min walk as I was stopping to pick up a piece of rubbish every 5 or 10 meters... I was shocked as to how much rubbish I was able to find on the roadside.

A special thanks to the person who drove past and yelled out "good on you!" That gave me an extra kick to keep on going. :)

I got to Australia Post, I opened up my bag trying not to let all the trash fall out and I said to the kind lady behind the counter "I would like to send this rubbish back where it came from... just kidding!" Although I wish I could but I am not sure it would achieve all that much. I handed her the parcel in a compostable postal satchel and went on my merry way.

I realised that my compostable bag was full of roadside trash but I didn't want to dump it in a council bin as I was planning to separate it all when I got home (recyclable from landfill). So I stopped at Going Green Solutions and asked for another compostable bag as I didn't come prepared with a second one... I just wasn't expecting to find so much rubbish on such a short trip, you don't realise just how much there is until you start collecting it all.

I collected even more rubbish on the way home.

When I finally got home and separated it all I felt very accomplished. As it turned out, almost half of the rubbish I collected was recyclable which means that as long as it all ends up being recycled, by separating and recycling the rubbish I have collected, I have not only just removed the plastics from the environment but also reduced the need for new virgin plastics to be manufactured as recycled plastics take their place.

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