This well anticipated documentary film really shook me and opened my eyes to the detrimental impact that we as a species are having on the very oceans that support all life on this planet. Seaspiracy sheds light on the inconvenient truth of the exploitation of our ocean. Delivering a message that the fishing industry and governments don't want you to hear.

When you are brave enough to watch it, I would suggest viewing it with a friend or family member as the truth can be very confronting and upsetting, if you can't watch it all in one sitting, that is fine, but please do eventually watch it through as the film does end with hope.

The film was made by Ali Tabrizi - Film Maker/Director, Lucy Tabrizi - Film Maker/Assistant-Director and Executive Producer and Kip Andersen who is well known for his previous documentaries Cowspiracy: the sustainability secret & What the Health, also available on Netflix. Learn more about the Cast & Crew.

If you are ready to watch the film, it shouldn't be too hard to find as it has hit the Top 10 on Netflix in 32 different countries!

Here are some facts that will shock you!

Ocean Plastic

I was really shocked to learn that 46% of the great pacific garbage patch is actually comprised of discarded fishing nets! Fishing nets are designed to catch marine life which makes them far more dangerous than most other plastics that end up in our ocean, therefore the single most effective thing you can do to stop our ocean from choking on plastic is to stop supporting the industry and give up eating marine life!

Solution: Shift To A Plant Based Diet

Thankfully, unaware of this fact, I personally gave up eating fish several months before watching this documentary film, due to my concerns of overfishing and the unhealthy mercury levels found in fish... aside from that, coming to realise that all proteins and nutrients originate from plants and that it is not necessary for our diet to be at the cost of another once living creatures suffering, exploitation or even extinction.

There is nothing that we get from consuming animals or sea creatures that we can't get from plants! In fact, becoming vegan may even dramatically improve your health and reduce your long term risks of obtaining a huge variety of chronic disease, you can learn more about that from What The Health!

So what are you waiting for?

Transform your health and save the planet!

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Thanks for reading, let me know what you thought of the film?

Together, let's create a truly 'sustainable' world.

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