Sustainable Bamboo Socks and Underwear! 🌏✅

Updated: May 16, 2020

 Hello Boody!😍

I would have to say these are definitely the most comfortable socks & underwear I have ever worn! 💯 Not only do I feel great wearing them I can also feel good about the positive impact this brand is having on our environment.

The bamboo fibre material used to create these wonderful under garments is super soft! 👌 I have also noticed when wearing them myself that the bamboo material naturally wicks my sweat to the outside of the material and it eventually dries up.

Boody also offers a gorgeous selection of bamboo babywear which is also quite affordable.

 What's better is the positive impact these guys are having on the environment! 

Learn More about it:

The benefits of bamboo

Giving Back

The  production process

The Production Process

Click here to learn the Bamboo Process

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