Sustainable Development

Updated: Aug 5, 2020

Sustainable Development is a delicate balance of Economic Development, Environmental Responsibility & Social Progress aimed to create a Viable World, a Liveable World and a Fair World. In order to achieve this, we believe that everyone has a part to play.

See this represented in the Sustainability Venn Diagram below.

Around the world we are seeing dramatic changes in the wake of climate change.

There are many people changing their lifestyles, diets, the products they buy, etc. In return businesses and companies are beginning to change their ways to suit the consumer demand. This is great news! However it needs to happen faster.

The topic of sustainability on earth may be a much broader topic than you think, it is a lot more than just reducing carbon emissions and planting more trees... Although these are very important issues which we need to address, that does not mean that they are any more important than the other sustainability issues we face such as: water, food, waste, pollution, farming, biodiversity, building, deforestation, soil degradation, procurement, etc.

A big problem we face on this topic is denial. There are many people who dismiss climate change despite all of the supporting and seemingly obvious evidence. There are some people who pass off climate change as a joke because they feel too small or powerless to do anything or maybe they are just too selfish to change their ways.

There are also people who are the extreme opposite who drastically change their lifestyle and diets and only buy ethical/sustainable products. There is definitely nothing wrong with that but what we need is more people in the middle who are slowly making the change to a more sustainable lifestyle. For example not basing every meal around meat, maybe cutting down to only 3 or 4 meat based meals a week and also choosing the more sustainable meats such as chicken and pork from more sustainable sources. You could also start to become more aware of the products you buy and their impact on the environment and start changing certain products you buy to the sustainable/eco-friendly equivalents. Yes this leads to a slightly more expensive lifestyle however if everyone starts making these changes it will become the new 'norm' and will therefore become much more affordable for everyone.

When you begin to make these changes, it is also very important to talk to your friends and family about the changes you are making and why. The best way to increase the middle ground of more people starting to live a more sustainable lifestyle is to talk about it!

Let it be the new 'small talk' for example; If someone complimented your sustainable fashion you could quite easily explain to them what it is made from and why it much better for the earth then also explain the negative impacts that the unsustainable product equivalent has on our planet. I believe this is a much more effective/efficient way of 'converting' people to live a much more sustainable lifestyle as apposed to aggressively pushing the point across through protests for example. Most of us are sheep whether we like to admit it or not so once you start to show off your newfound sustainable lifestyle others will see it as the new 'norm' and begin to follow. Sharing your sustainable lifestyle on social media is also great way to help people convert without being pushy. Lead by example ;)

The COVID-19 outbreak has proven to us that it is possible for the majority of us to make drastic changes in our lives in an instant, which goes to show that we human beings are quite adaptable and willing to change our ways for a short term life threatening matter. Looking at it from this angle there is really no difference between the COVID-19 outbreak and Global Warming other than the fact that one is a short term life threatening matter and the other is a long term life threatening matter...

Let's compare the Coronavirus to Climate Change in more detail... The Coronavirus needs us (the host), with the right conditions to survive right? But we are better off without it.... Just like we need our planet (the host) with the right conditions to survive, however our planet doesn't need us in fact it would be better off without us.

Now let's look at cell evolution... From what I understand (and I am no scientist) a certain cell can consume a smaller cell and in the right conditions it can live in harmony with the protection of the larger cell around it and not have to worry about survival therefore it can concentrate on upgrading itself and I believe this is how evolution begins. Now think of us as a similar concept on the earth... We have been a parasite to our world for a long time now demanding more and more as time goes by. Now we have the option/ability not to be such a parasite. We have leeched off our planet for some time now in a way that is not sustainable and it is reaching the point of exhaustion. Our planet will fight us if we continue ignoring the signs and in this fight nobody wins.

I am not asking you to make drastic changes here and now to reverse climate change but there has never been a better time than now to make a start, one thing at a time.

There is only one way to come out of this pandemic and that is towards a sustainable future.

So many things have been shut down and stopped in their tracks due to this pandemic which is unfortunate in some ways, however we can use this lockdown to reconfigure or restructure the way we were doing things before for the better. Let us choose the path towards a more sustainable future where we live more in harmony with the earth and the biodiversity it has to offer rather than exploit it.

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