If your not sold on beeswax wraps, this is the perfect alternative to your usual plastic cling wrap. Suprisingly it sticks to itself better than its predecessor! It also comes on a roll with perferated lines for easy tare, it cant get much better than that!

Biodegradable and Compostable cling wrap film, manufactured using renewable resources, plant base thermoplastic corn starch resins.

Biotuff Compostable cling wrap is an environmentally friendly alternative for sustainability.

Biodegradable and certified Compostable to Australian and European standards AS4736, AS5810, ISO16929, ISO14855, Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). Reduced landfill waste and carbon emissions. Biotuff Compostable cling wrap is an Environmentally friendly alternative.          

- GMO free corn

- Sustainably sourced

- Superior puncture, tear and heat resistance.

- Impact toughness and leak-proof

- Long shelf life.

- Breathable – great for controlling odour and dissipating moisture

- Can be composted in aerobic, industrial composting facilities.

- Independently verified

- Australian Standards AS4736 BPI and AS5810 Home compost.


- US FDA & EU food contact compliant.

- Perfect for Delis, Bakers, Butchers, Green Grocers and family lunches.

- Order quantity 1 Roll of 30m. 100 perforated sheets.

- Film Size 30cm x 30cm perforated film.

- Film Thickness Gauge 10um.

- transparent film.

Uses include green grocer, deli and home use - for all of your fruits, veggies, meat, fish and fresh produce.



- Compostable cling wrap 30x30cm

- 100 perforated film. Roll of 30m


Still want to learn more?

Check out our blog post: Bioplastics are Natural & Compostable!


Compostable Cling Wrap 30m

  • This product, like our other bioplastics is 100% compostable!

    Thats right, it doesnt belong in landfill. Once you have finished with your piece of cling wrap you can pop it straight into your compost.

    If you dont have a compost but want to learn, or you simply dont have the time or space? No worries! We've got you covered! Check out our composting page: https://www.reverse-industree.com.au/composting

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