Green Straws are made from 100% biodegradable water grass, a naturally occurring plant that grows in the tropical wetlands of Vietnam.


Green Straws don’t go soggy, they are taste free and look great in drinks! They are the best alternative to plasticand have a generous width unlike hay and wheat.


We have used local relationships with producers in Vietnam to provide Green Straws at a lower price than sold elsewhere. And to top it off, we contribute 20% of profits to cleaner oceans!

Green Straws

  • Long Green Straws

    Pack Size x100 Straws

    Length 20cm

    Width   5-7mm


    Cocktail Green Straws

    Pack Size x200

    Length 12cm

    Width   5-7mm


We choose Australia Post to deliver our products because they are committed to:

🚛 🍃 Carbon neutral parcel delivery §



We will plant one tree for every legitamite product Treeview!

All trees will be purchased at the end of each month. You can see our virtual tree plantation here.