The Sustainable Development

Venn Diagram

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The sustainable development Venn Diagram is a blueprint for us to create a new world, a fairer, more viable and livable world. For us to truly continue evolving as individuals, as a collective species, and as the single earthly organism that we are, we must adopt a new world view and create a new economic system that incorporates all of these traits.

For a typical business or enterprise to be successful in our current economic system, they must rely on a continuous growth model, and to offer a product they must extract some of our earths valuable resources.

That being the case, if we continue unsustainably extracting the earths natural resources at the rate we currently are, our planet will eventually run out of resources and our economy will collapse.

Some industries/sectors have larger impacts than others, for example energy and transportation are commonly understood to be among the most resource intensive and polluting activities on our planet.

However did you know that our current agricultural/food production system is potentially one of our most destructive activities on planet earth. According to the graph below from Our World in Data agriculture occupies 50% of earths habitable land... 77% of which is used for the inefficient animal agriculture industry which is also the leading cause of deforestation, species extinction, fresh water consumption and pollution, etc. it also produces more emissions than the entire transportation industry... thats right! The fuel that you choose to put in your body just might have a larger environmental impact than the fuel you put in your car!

The food industry is currently responsible for a very heavy footprint on our planet.

From food waste, to food packaging and transportation.

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of deforestation.

Did you know that half of the worlds forests have been destroyed...

This graph breaks down just how much of an impact animal agriculture has on our planet in terms of land use: 

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Infinity8 Wholesale Foods are strongly driven by sustainability and they are always looking for new ways to become more sustainable, to lighten the heavy burden that the current food production, distribution and packaging systems have on our planet.


Infinity8 is taking a unique approach by transforming the industry from the inside out. While leveraging its position as a food distribution service, infinity8 is able to have an influence on food manufacturing, retail/hospitality and the end consumer.


While they still offer animal products, this enables infinity8 a unique opportunity to more easily reach and influence the parts of the food system that are being left behind in the evolution of our food system, by encouraging customers who are still heavily involved with meat and dairy to opt for more sustainable plant based alternatives.

Infinity8 envisions a future where profit and success does not have to place such a heavy burden our planets natural resources and they strive to create a world that we can all be proud to leave behind for our children and all future generations.

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