21st June 2021

Lets Kick it off with

5 things you can do to support your local community

1. Support your local fruit/veg shop or buy your fresh produce from the local market.

2. Support your local butcher instead of buying your meat from the big supermarkets.  

3. Next time you are shopping online... Maybe see if you can source it locally before you hit check out.

4. Join or set up a local 'environmental action group' or use the local 'buy swap sell facebook group'.

5. Next time you do find yourself in a supermarket, try and become more aware of the labels on food products, Is it made locally? Does it contain imported ingredients? Is it supporting sustainable farming practices? What impact does the packaging and product have on the environment?

These are some of the questions I ask myself.

Of course there will always be some things which we simply can not manufacture or produce locally, then we can ask ourselves "do I really need this product?" 


World Localization Day is a day dedicated for us to reflect on the importance of living local.

These days we tend to import and export a whole lot of unnecessary goods a lot of which could be grown or manufactured locally creating more local jobs and reducing fossil fuels being burned in transportation.  


We currently live in a world of materialism a world where many of us place more importance on material objects and less on other human beings and the earth. As a whole I believe we are losing sight of what is really important, we are losing our spiritual connection with the earth and the universe as we continue to place more energy on objects and money and less on the greater realm of existence. Just look at some of the ancient civilisations and how in touch we all once were with each other and the universe. Now we are more connected than ever but oh so distant on a spiritual level. Materialism must see a dramatic reduction in order to achieve a much healthier and more localized humanity. We should use objects and love people, not the other way around...

Back to the main topic, we need to learn how to live in smaller communities again for a number of reasons.

See below an important message from:


Now let's imagine a very different world

One in which most of our food comes from nearby farmers who are part of our community and who ensure food security year round. 

Imagine children being free to play and explore their world safely under the watch of neighbours whom we know and trust.

Imagine the money we spend on everyday goods continuing to recirculate in the local economy, building community wealth along the way.

Imagine a world in which multinational businesses and banks adhere to the rules of society – not the other way around.

Imagine local businesses multiplying and providing ample, meaningful employment opportunities,

instead of our hard-earned cash being immediately siphoned off to some distant

corporate headquarters.

Economic localization can make these visions a reality for us all.

What is Localization

Ultimately, localization is about re-scaling the economy back to a human level.


It is the process of building economic structures which allow the goods and services a community needs to be produced locally and regionally whenever possible.


Localizing economies can strengthen community cohesion and lead to greater human health and material wellbeing, all while reducing pollution and the degradation of the natural world.


It is not about isolationism or putting an end to international trade. It is simply about rebuilding human-scale economic structures by producing what we need closer to home.

From community gardens to credit unions, from alternative learning spaces to small business alliances and co-ops, local economies create networks of place-based relationships that affirm our human desire for connection to each other and to the earth.

It's the economics of happiness.


By creating this structural basis for community, local economies make caring for one another and for the land into guiding principles of daily life.


I'm attending the #WorldLocalizationDay online event on June 21 because I'm committed to building a happier future for people & planet. Can you join?
Speakers include Vandana Shiva, Joanna Macy, Charles Eisenstein and many more.
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