World Plant Milk Day

August 22 2021

Join thousands of people around the world for the 7 day dairy-free challenge on Sunday the 22nd of August 2021.

We are in the midst of a necessary food revolution, to bring more compassion to the world, to become healthier beings and to reduce the enormous unnecessary environmental impacts caused by our poor, often mislead dietary choices (encouraged by the industries themselves.)


This Sunday August 22nd World Plant Milk Day, it is time to shine the light on the countless benefits and wide variety of PLANT MILKs which are beginning to become mainstream for a number of good reasons including an abundance of health benefits, reducing our negative impact on the earth, and eliminating the unnecessary, unethical treatment and exploitation of animals in the the production of dairy milks.


"World Plant Milk Day is an international day that celebrates plant-based alternatives to dairy milk. Founded by Robbie Lockie, Co-founder of Plant Based News, in 2017 and established as a partnership with ProVeg in 2018, the campaign has attracted the attention of millions of people around the world and helped accelerate the transition from dairy milk to the rich variety of plant-based alternatives. In 2020, Switch4Good joined to reach more people and further the idea that 'The Future Is Dairy-Free'. From soy to oat to cashew to hemp: the diversity of vegan milks continues to grow in tandem with the global shift towards plant-based eating - a market predicted to be worth $74.2 billion by 2027."

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DIY Plant Milk!

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We have just released our very own brand new hemp material nut milk bag right in time for world plant milk day!


You Will Need:

- A nut milk bag 

- A blender or food processor 

- Some filtered water

- And your choice nut seed or grain (preferably organic)


Medjool dates for a natural sweetener and emulsifier.

And if your a coffee lover... you'll have to add some xantham or organic guar gum to prevent your plant milk from separating due to the acidity of the coffee (there is usually always some kind of gum found in store bought plant milks.)

Making your own plant milk is super easy! It saves money, reduces packaging, prevents water from being needlessly shipped around the planet and just tastes so much better fresh!

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