4th - 10th of October


Space, or rather means of getting to space, may be a controversial topic when we speak of climate change but I think it should certainly be considered and I would like to point out both the good and the bad.

I am sure that most of us would assume that the various types of rocket fuels that are burned can't be good for our delicate atmosphere and well... maybe you are right.

But if you look at the amount of CO2 produced by airlines each year,

the CO2 produced by rockets is minuscule in comparison! 

Did you know that steel manufacturing is so energy intensive that the manufacturing of a rocket has a larger environmental impact than actually launching the rocket into space!

Therefore reusability reduces a rockets environmental impacts greatly.

Elon Musks company Space X has been able to successfully land and reuse rockets,

revolutionising the space industry. 

If you would like to get a better understanding of just how much of what, rockets pollute our atmosphere with and have that put into perspective in a way that you can understand, I would suggest watching this video:

Well... if you braved that video, you should now have a much better understanding to the extent of the negative effects that rockets have to our planet and its atmosphere.

Now I would like to talk to you about the good that space exploration can bring and has already brought to humanity specifically related to climate change and a growing population.


Screen Shot 2020-09-29 at 5.33.27 pm.png

Satellites have been orbiting our earth for decades now and have become particularly useful in recent years as our technology has evolved substantially. Most of us now use satellites in some way or other, every single day! From the television to the telephone, navigation, weather forecasts, predicting extreme weather events, climate environmental monitoring, the list goes on! Whether you are aware or not, your existence in the developed world of the 21st century most likely depends on satellites in some way shape or form and how did those satellites get up there... you guessed it, rockets!

Space Mining


While it might sound ridiculous and far fetched at first... space mining could begin a lot sooner than we might think. In fact there are already companies dedicated to it and it could actually be the thing to save us! There is an abundance of valuable resources in our solar system that if we could tap into, it could reduce our dependancy the precious minerals we mine out of our earth, which we actually need and rely on for sustainable development. Space mining could enable us to leave the earth somewhat in tact before we completely exploit her for all of her resources and destroy all of earths vital eco-systems in the process.

Becoming a

Multi-Planetary Species!


Whether you believe that becoming a space fairing civilisation sounds ridiculous or exciting! 

It could actually be vital to our very future existence as a species.

Currently sitting at around 7.8 billion, the global population has doubled since just 1970!

According to Wikipedia It took over 2 million years of human history for the world's population to reach 1 billion, and only 200 years more to reach 7 billion. 


Earths population is estimated to reach a whopping 10 billion by 2060!

In a world where we already struggle to feed the population with our unsustainable farming practices and wasteful habits these numbers should have you worried.

But don't lose hope yet! 

We humans are a resilient species and I am sure we will innovate the solutions and apply the many solutions which already exist. Of course, we too must learn to live in harmony with our planet and this is where each and every one of us have a role to play, to learn to live more sustainable and less wasteful lifestyles and to learn how to responsibly farm the land once again.

Becoming multi-planetary, space fairing species does not mean we should lose any respect for the planet that gave us life to begin with in fact we should Kiss the ground!  This opportunity we have, for us to expand our presence to another planet is a means for us to not only ensure our future survival as a species, but more importantly to preserve our home and learn more of the delicate balance of what is life. The future is here, your decisions and action's now will determine whether or not our planet will continue to provide us with life. We have reached the tipping point, the future is now in our hands more than ever before.

Thanks for reading, if you would like to begin to take control of our future right now the first and most important step you can take is to change your lifestyle choices.

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